Product Types

It is important to understand the different types of products.

Certificates will always state 'Prestige', ‘Proof’, 'Special Launch', 'Special Edition' etc. Proof coins must always be encapsulated and never removed from their capsules. 

Coins and Sets

Individual Coin:

Single coins presented in a leatherette box with a certificate. One Ounce, half Ounce, Quarter Ounce and One Tenth Ounce available. These are the only sizes.

Tip: Leatherette boxes come in different colours. The colour is not important and does not affect the value of the product.

Prestige Set:

Four coin set presented in a wooden box with a certificate that states 'Prestige Set'. Recently the S.A.Mint has also released three coin Prestige Sets in the Protea range.

Tip: Always check the certificate to ensure that it states 'Prestige Set'. If it does not, chances are that it is a Proof set in a home-made box.

Proof Set:

Three or Four coin set presented in a leatherette box with a certificate that states 'Proof Set'. Some Proof coin sets are presented in a wooden box, such as the FIFA products of 2006 - 2010.

Tip: The 1994 Lion Proof Set does not come with a certificate.

Special Launch:

Single or multiple coins and/or medallions presented in a box, often handcrafted, but always specially made for the Launch. Coins will more often than not feature Mintmarks. The certificate will state 'Special Launch'. Most Mint ranges have Special Launches.

Tip: Ensure that the box is the original box, as it is of vital importance to the value of the product.

Special Edition:

Single coins in animal shaped wooden boxes. Only four of these were made for the Giants of Africa series of 2005 - 2008. The certificate will state 'Special Edition'. Elephant 1996 exception.

Tip: Ensure that the box is original. It is very important.

Exclusivity Set:

Four coin set presented in a wooden box with a certificate. Very similar to a Prestige Set, but it is not. These sets often have animal figurines in them. The White Rhino Exclusivity Set of 2009 is an example of these.

Special Set:

Special Sets are sets that the S.A.Mint releases that cannot be categorized into a specific category. They are often released to commemorate events or awards.

Tip: Always make sure that a Special Set has an original Mint certificate.Sometimes a set will be offered to a person that is not an official Mint product, but is actually a set that a person has put together on their own. 

Bars and Medallions

Bars are available in different sizes but all share the same shape i.e. a rectangular bar.

Medallions are similar in appearance to coins i.e. round and flat, but are not Legal Tender.