Frequently asked questions

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. We accept all major Credit Cards. Our payments are handled by VCS.

Why do I see Krugerrands and Bars for sale at some times and at other times not?

Bullion Krugerrands and Bars are based on the current metal prices as well as Rand/Dollar exchange rates, and therefore are on occasion only available for sale during South African office hours, when the relevant price fixes are applicable.

Why are some products only available in South Africa?

Products such as Krugerrands and the more expensive 24 carat gold coins are not available for shipping overseas due to the risk of theft and loss.

What does safekeeping cost?

Nothing. We offer fully insured safekeeping facilities at no cost. 

Why do some images not have certificates with the products?

Images are for display purposes only. All products have official Certificates of Authenticity unless stated otherwise. Bullion Krugerrands have no certificates.

How does VAT work on the different products?

Legal Tender Gold coins and currency coins have 0% VAT. All other coins have normal 14% VAT applied. Packaging will also incur the usual 14%. Bars are also subject to 14% VAT even though they are considered ‘bullion’. VAT only applies to South African clients.

What is the difference between Weight and Mass in the product descriptions?

Weight is the weight of the parcel, including packaging, while Mass is the weight of the coin itself.

What must I do if my box breaks or capsule is cracked?

Contact us and we will arrange to replace the necessary components free of charge.

Can I pay cash when I pick up in person?

This option is available on certain products and certain quantities. Contact us for more information.

Why do you use the terms ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ instead of ‘Reverse’ and ‘Obverse’?

 We use these terms in order to avoid confusion.

What happens if the prices change after I have placed my order e.g. the gold price goes up?

The price you order at is the price that you pay, regardless of what happens to metal prices or exchange rates. The prices are all kept 100% up to date, so there will be no changes after an order is placed. Prices are maintained after hours, weekends and public holidays, so there will be no surprises.

Do you guarentee authenticity?

We guarentee that all products sold on this website are 100% authentic. All packaging and certificates are original and official.

What is Bluetube Network?

Bluetube Network (BTN) is the company that owns the domain 'cybermetals.com', that is why this name appears on orders.

Why are there no prices on Wish List Items?

We do not have stock of these items and can therefore not quote prices on them. As we get these items in, prices will be added. If a wish list item receives stock then anyone with that item on their wish list will receive an email. 

The Wish List section has been added to help collectors and investors source choice items.