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Abbreviations & Definitions

Information about buying gold and silver online including Krugerrands, gold coins and gold bars.

Au : Gold

Pt : Platinum

Pd : Palladium

Ag : Silver

Oz : Ounce. Precious metals use Troy Ounces that are slightly more than a normal Ounce.

S.A.Mint : South African Mint

Au 999.9 : 24 carat gold a.k.a "Pure Gold"

Ag 99.9 : Fine Silver

ct : carat

MM : Mintmark. This is text or an image that is added to a coin that is part of a Special Launch. It is usually small and can appear on the front or back of a coin. The function of a Mintmark is to indicate that the coin is indeed part of a Special Launch whereas the normal version of the same coin will not have a Mintmark.